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We take a short glimpse on FC Enterprises' centers in Kalibo, Aklan and Balabag, Boracay. All pictures are property of FC Enterprises. If you wish to use this pictures on your webpage, please ask permission from us by e-mail or personally.


wpe1A.jpg (12932 bytes) Main Office located at 2060 Toting Reyes Street, Kalibo, Aklan.
Another look at the center in Kalibo. Most of the transactions are being made here.. wpe11.jpg (10586 bytes)
wpe13.jpg (10123 bytes) And yet another view of the center.

A peek inside FC Enterprises. A shop with value..

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wpe15.jpg (13192 bytes) Hundreds of computer-related ads are displayed at the front of the center. .
The staff and key personnel of the enterprise. The boss is here.. wpe16.jpg (9125 bytes)
wpe18.jpg (14232 bytes) And now let's take a glimpse on the branch office of FC Enterprise which is located at Balabag, Island of Boracay. Creativity at display..
"Js3 Internet Driven Shop" is the first and only convenience store with Internet Services in the country. Cybercafe Filipino style.. wpe19.jpg (12233 bytes)

More to come...

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