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FC Enterprises, also known as FC Computer Center, was founded on September, 1996. The company opened its first computer center at Burgos St., and has moved since to accommodate the needs of computer students who learns from actual "hands-on" lessons by renting FC Personal Computers. Its present address is 2060 Toting Reyes St., Kalibo, Province of Aklan. FC Computer Center aims to provide a better alternative in Information Technology and services.

   The company's continuing success relies on its products and services, reliable and effective after-sale service and warranty support, updated product information and access to new developments in technology. It will continue its policy of putting the customers first and encourage its staff and personnel to improve themselves to serve the customers better. The customers will always be the highest priority in any category.

   To expand the company's market base and to reach as many customers as possible, FC Computer Center officialy opened its second branch (JS3 Internet Driven Shop) at BORACAY Island along Balabag, Main Road last June, 1998 to accommodate the growing needs of quality service in the Islands, proof of FC Computer's continuing success at providing quality products and services to meet the customer's present and future computer needs.

   The company deals mainly in computer parts, peripherals and supplies. It also assemble/integrate and service computers under the FC brand name. The majority of the parts from which the computers are assembled comes from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers, the companies who manufacture parts and equipment for other companies or brands) or from the official licensed suppliers of these parts and/or equipment.

    Most of the Items FC sells originate from the countries where the factories are located, usually Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, the United States and others.


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